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Over 120 years ago my pioneer ancestors settled in Colorado and mined the mountains for their riches. As a third generation Colorado native I, too, had a desire for a mountain adventure. This quest inspired my wife and I to hike the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. Being on the trail for many days, we would often think about what we wanted to eat when we got back into civilization. Frequently BBQ would enter my mind as a food of choice. As a chef, I took the inspiration from the trail and my western heritage and captured it in a bottle. Trail Magic Sauce pays homage to the Colorado high-country and to the tough folks who settled the Wild West. I invite you to try this sauce on your favorite foods.

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    Rocky Mountain Steak Seasoning

    Is great on steak, hamburgers and other meats.  You can use as a rub or make a marinade for grilling your steaks.